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Musica Norteña

 What is Música Norteña

Música Norteña, is a genre of Regional Mexican music that originated in rural areas of Northern Mexico.

The music is most often based on European rhythms such as, the polka, waltz, and schottisse. The earliest form of música norteña did not include sung lyrics. The accordion and the bajo sexto are traditional norteño's most characteristic instruments.


How did European rhythms and European instruments make their way to Mexico? In the late 19th century, the arrival of German migrant workers to Mexico’s Pacific Coast, brought with them several cultural attributes which were adopted by Mexicans of that area.

A conjunto norteño is the name of the ensemble that performs música norteña. The instrumentation can vary, but almost always includes; accordion, bajo sextoelectric bass or standup bass (tololoche), drums, and sometimes a saxophone depending on the region.

Some of the more popular songs of the genre include: Tragos Armargos, Una Aventura, El Columpio, and Paso del Norte.

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