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Son Jarocho

 What is Son Jarocho? 

Son Jarocho is a form of regional folk music from the Mexican Gulf state of Veracruz. There are several variants of the Mexican son, which emerged during Mexico’s colonial period between (1521-1810) and evolved from a fusion of cultures.

For the most part, the Mexican son is a vibrant and up-tempo musical form, which is accompanied by percussive dancing, improvised verses, and semi-improvised melodies.


The following instruments are used in the performance of son jarocho; harp, jarana (a strummed guitar-like rhythm instrument), requinto (a plucked guitar-like melodic instrument), and zapateado (percussive dance).


Depending on the region of Veracruz, the instrumentation may vary. In its most traditional and organic form, son jarocho exists in a fandango setting. A fandango can be loosely defined as a party or gathering where son jarocho is performed. In short, when the music begins, people come, and a party ensues.

Some of the most popular Sones Jarochos include: La Iguana, El Zacamandu, El Colas and La Bamba. 

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