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Ayer, Hoy y Para Siempre

With our latest CD now in market, we wanted to share the context behind the CD title “Ayer, Hoy y Para Siempre”...

Hermanos Herrera, in their ninth album present,”Ayer, Hoy, y Para Siempre”, a unique blend of son styles where Hermanos Herrera combine particular sones found in both Jarocho and Huastecan genres and blend them together in musical harmony. This album highlights the marriage (mestizaje) of cultures seen throughout the course of Mexican history. Sones jarochos, huapangos, a ranchera, and bolero, all find a home within this album. Music truly is the universal language, and this album bridges that connection across genres.

On the heels of their highly anticipated and well received album Sones Jarochos, Huastecos, y Mas, produced and released by Smithsonian Folkways, Hermanos Herrera come with a high-intensity, self-produced album recorded in their own backyard of Fillmore, California!


Hermanos Herrera began their musical careers in 1986 when brothers, Jorge Andres (requinto Jarocho), and Luis Albino (jarana Jarocha) began delighting audiences with their interpretation of son Jarocho. The album begins with a never released studio session of these 2 brothers performing, “El Camotal”.


33 years later, Hermanos Herrera has grown from 2 members, to a 6 sibling conjunto. Miguel Antonio with his powerful bass patterns supports the melody with his own melodic interludes, meanwhile Juan Pablo, and Rebeca Isabel contribute to the backbone of the music with their rigorous interpretations of jaranas and guitars. Jose Marcelino and his 36-string harp introduce the melodies with virtuosity and a traditional style rooted in Veracruz, with Californian influence.

Para Siempre:

Son Jarocho and Son Huasteco was passed down to HermanosHerrera by their father, uncles, and several masters of these traditional son genres in Mexico. This oral tradition is once again being employed, as Hermanos Herrera are passing on what they’ve learned to their own kids. With 11 kids and counting, the legacy of Hermanos Herrera will continue to grow.


Ayer, Hoy, y Para Siempre

Special Thanks: Hermanos Herrera would like to especially thank sound engineer Joe Bebe, who welcomed us into his studio and made it feel like home. Special thanks to our fellow musicians who participated on this album; Tomas Herrera (requinto jarocho: track 6), Ricardo Dominguez (requinto romantico: track 12), and Ruben Hernandez (guitarron: track 12). A lifetime of thank yous would not be sufficient in showingour gratitude towards our parents, Jorge & Oralia Herrera. We are who we are, because of the way they raised us. ¡Los queremos mucho!

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