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Now Blogging: Hermanos Herrera Updates

Hey fans! We are now kicking off our web blogs to help provide everyone a more immersive experience into the band and band members. For those unfamiliar with Hermanos Herrera, we specialize in various styles of Mexican music including Norteno, Jarocho and Huasteco.

In the next upcoming blogs, we will breakdown what each of these genres look like and sound like. We will do our best to provide context behind the music, instrumentation, vocalization and history behind the genres.

For now, we would like to leave you with a link to stream our most recent album, "Ayer, Hoy y Para Siempre". This album is a mix of Sones Jarochos, Sones Huastecos and Rancheras. We blend the various instruments of the harp, jaranca, huapanguera, tololoche and requinto jarocho to create a unique sound which defines Hermanos Herrera.

Stay tuned and enjoy our daily blog postings!

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